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Travel diary together with UNO SPICCHIO di melone in Chianti - first episode

Travel diary together with UNO SPICCHIO di melone in Chianti - first episode

Travel diary together with UNO SPICCHIO di melone in Chianti - first episode

What a thrill to see my friend Irene. Six months is too long without her. Yes of course there is the telephone, the voice messages, the social networks and sometimes we dream of each other but hugging and being together is very different.


We are friends, a little like sisters, with a bit of mother-in-law thrown in (that is because we chat a little too much together and about everything). Sometimes we are a bit like each others "enemy" but within two minutes we make peace; we are like two dog puppies who even if they have a quarrel cannot stay alone without the other.


What was born as a joke, as an excuse to meet again alone, without children, without companions, had become not only a weekend full of fun and a lot of work but also a travel diary that we want to share with those who want to disconnect even just for a few days and come to visit the Chianti and Florence.


So let's start with our "Galactic Guide to Chianti", from friday, that day when Tuscan farmers shake a bit because as my grandfather used to say, "neither on venus or mars ( friday and tuesday from the old Tuscan dialect) it's the good day  for beginning, or leaving, or starting new arts” and I always did the opposite.


Friday afternoon Irene arrived, two bags, her camera and little else. A shower, a quick change and then we left for the first "giratina" towards Greve in Chianti.


Fattoria Santo Stefano is that type of  place that can reconcile you with the world; thanks to the silence, indeed to the sound of nature, to the wind and to its special views.  Good humor returns, even more so if you can indulge in the pool with a good Chianti from the farm.


Fattoria Santo Stefano is the typical family-run winery and agritourism, it produces an excellent wine and extra virgin olive oil and there are hens and  a vegetable garden. If you make a reservation you can enjoy wholesome dishes prepared by Elena and you can even stay the night ; the breakfast is fresh, plentiful and Elena always prepares some fresh cake; moreover there is a vast assortment of products for coeliacs.

Irene and I visited the cellars, tasted the wines and unfortunately we also had to try the Pool!!...


Spiazza at the Circolo della Romola - for dinner instead we returned to San Casciano where an evening with pizza and a glorious sunset, old friends and reggae music from the Romola Sound System was waiting for us.


The “circolino” of the Romola has finally resumed life as a group of guys from the town decided to reopen the doors of the historic circolo Arci. In addition to the bar which is open every day - painting, singing, music and yoga classes have been  organized.


Here on Friday evening, a group of four pizza makers Gabriele, Joshua, Ocram and Lorenzo, united by friendship and passion for the dough, alternated to delight us with their specialties made with selected grain flours and a 24-hour sourdough leavening .


With Irene we tasted an infinite number of pizzas, we met friends from our 20s, we laughed and we were also moved by the sound of the Romola Sound System.

Next week I will tell you what we did on Saturday: an intense day of touring the Chianti and then landing in Florence.