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Florence Washington A / R: Chianti Cooking Experience flies to the States

Florence Washington A / R: Chianti Cooking Experience flies to the States

Florence Washington A / R: Chianti Cooking Experience flies to the States

13 years have passed since I was in the States for the very first time to promote my work as a personal chef for catering and cooking classes


It was the year 2007, I was a 30 years old young woman and mother  with a lot of passion for cooking and the desire to share my knowledge with those who wanted it; my partner in crime was Monia Piccini, a great woman and business woman, owner of the Palagio di Panzano farm. Together  we have left for Boston and we have organized events with me in the kitchen cooking and her fabulous wine, telling the history of Chianti.


Now years have passed, my work has grown and evolved and today I hardly cook anymore, sometimes unwillingly, but I organize cooking events and coordinate the work of excellent chefs and pizza chefs who collaborate with our project.

Now in 2020 I am ready to go again: in some way I am the same Elisa of my 30s; I'm just more mature and more casual. This journey has been also possible thanks to the affection, esteem and commitment of three families of friends who year after year, every time they come to Chianti, choose the cooking services of Chianti Cooking Experience.



Me and Jessica, my trusted assistant and friend, are almost ready to go, even if we feel both excited and worried by the last details that we have not yet finalized .... also, our suitcases are still empty and the list of what to bring very confusing.

So far we have studied winter menus, tried new recipes, messing around and having fun in the kitchen as it has not happened for some time.




We have a fairly intense schedule: we fly directly to Washington DC for two weeks, besides from shopping almost every day to find our favorite Italian products we will have 3 dinners, 2 cooking courses, many food tours in the farmers' market (which I cannot wait for it!). We will also have a few free days to admire the beauty of Washington and the wild nature of the natural parks and the ocean.

Jessica and I have good intentions: in addition to eat our favorite American foods including pancakes with maple syrup, we will dedicate ourselves to long regenerating walks at zero degrees.

Follow us on Instagram and on Facebook there it will be fun.

Stay tuned, ready to go.