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Travel diary together with UNO SPICCHIO di melone in Chianti - Second episode

Travel diary together with UNO SPICCHIO di melone in Chianti - Second episode

Travel diary together with UNO SPICCHIO di melone in Chianti - Second episode

Practical, personal, friendly and enjoyable guide of Chianti and Florence


Saturday we waked up very early to go to Podere le Fornaci di Greve where Michele, Niccolò and Valentina raise “camosciate” goats from the Alps and produce excellent organic cheese, for real. So as we know, in the countryside life starts early, especially where there are animals to be milked and cheese to make every day.


I have a thing for Podere Le Fornaci, I would say a very strong love, because in this place I lived and worked for two years, but above all I spent with my daughter some magic, surreal moments that I hope she can bring with her for the whole life.


Irene and I arrived at the farm and Niccolò immediately accompanied us to see the baby goats in the  stable, a kind of nursery where the puppies remain during the day, while the goats are grazing.


Time passed, and after washing our hands very well, we put on the nursing gown, the shoe covers and we went to the dairy to see the cheese production

My favorite part, however, was to taste them, of course.
Bread, cheese and honey and the morning has taken a new turn.


After greetings  we went to Panzano to visit Fattoria Le Cinciole where our friend sommelier Jlenia works.

The farm is in the middle of the countryside, in one of those rare places where you don't even hear the noise of a  car and you don't see paved roads around.

Luca, the owner of the farm and wine maker explained us his philosophy, and it was very interesting. His concept in summary is “the most important thing in working the land is to observe the nature and take action on the ground and on the plants as little as possible; only in this way we  can truly take care and preserve the territory, getting healthy grapes and therefore quality wines that contain the essence of the place ".

Luca then showed us to the cellar and talked a little about his history and his passion for the land and wine. We tasted the wines of the farm, accompanied by a "fett'unta" with their  extra virgin olive oil.

The wine is organic but the attention that Luca and Valeria and is put in the vineyard and in the cellar is far beyond what is required by the regulation.

If you love to spend some days deeply in the nature, you can stay in two apartments with garden and swimming pool use.


Leaving a wonderful place knowing you are going to see another one, make things easier , especially when  you're going to visit a Medici Villa  and to get a relaxing massage proposed by Massage in Chianti. Life is hard!!!


The Villa Medicea di Lilliano  in Grassina, near Florence, is a well-maintained paradise, where in addition to visiting historic cellars of the 1100s, strolling in the Italian gardens, tasting wines and extra virgin olive oil from the farm and staying in the suites you can also take individual yoga classes with Tuscan Yogis and holistic treatments with Massage in Chianti.

Denise showed us to the estate explaining the history of the Malenchini family and showing us the most hidden places of the Villa. For its beauty this place is also choosen as a location for weddings and events.

After our walk, Flaminia was waiting for us in the garden under a magnificient olive tree ready to cuddle Irene unospicchiodimelone.




Massage in Chianti is a project that takes the wellbeing directly to the Villas in Chianti and Tuscany.

Furthermore, Massage in Chianti offers an exclusive wellness service for bridal  parties and a relaxation “chill-out  zone” for the day after the wedding.

Irene, after an hour of massage, didn't want to leave Lilliano but I persuaded her  and we drove to Firenze where a surprise awaited us.

 In one of the most hidden spots in the heart of Florence there is Le Murate building, the old city prisons, where Waxmore found its new home inside a nice co-working project .

Maria Cristina and Elena built up Waxmore that creates kitchen uniforms with a touch of style and creativity.


Our day ended at  Ristorante San Michele all'Arco specialized on typical Tuscan cooking. The owner Paolo Nocentini is very careful of  the “ farm to table” philosophy, infact most of the products cooked in the restaurant are grown and raised in their farm.


Dinner was exceptional thanks to the excellent food, and the service by the smiling Lorenzo.

After an abundant Tuscan appetizer with cold cuts, bruschetta and perocino cheeses , we tasted a fresh pasta “Maltagliati” with duck ragù (remarkable); then we chose the house specialties: “tagliata” with fresh porcini mushrooms, classic tartare with raw egg and rabbit “in salmì”.

We couldn't finish the dinner without tasting a bit of tiramisu' ...  and I discovered San Michele all'Arco makes one of my favorites


Luckily the car was far from the city center, so we walked so much before coming home tired but happy.