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Welcome to Calabria!

Welcome to Calabria!

Welcome to Calabria!

Welcome to Calabria, "the most beautiful kilometer in Italy".

Thus was the splendid promenade near Reggio Calabria defined by D'Annunzio.

A hospitable, beautiful and wild land, Calabria is a region to be discovered: the tip of the boot offers breathtaking views, millenary traditions, crystal clear sea and above all a vast gastronomic offering.

I would like to present Calabria with a legend that I liked a lot.

I love legends, for me they are an imaginative way to remember historical events that I would otherwise forget.

“If on a hot summer day, walking along that stretch of sea near Reggio, you happen to see villages and buildings on the Sicilian coast changing form and mirroring themselves between sky and sea, close enough to distinguish the inhabitants, do not be impressed. You are a victim of the spell of Fata Morgana, an optical illusion similar to a mirage that can be observed from the Calabrian coast when air and sea are still.

 The legend says that even Roger I of Altavilla was enchanted by the spell. To induce him to conquer Sicily, with a stroke of a magic wand the Fata Morgana made her appear so close that she could touch it with her hand. But the angry Norman king refused to deceive the island. And so, without the help of the Fairy, it took thirty years to conquer it. "


Calabria is the pinnacle of spicy cuisine from both the land and sea.

A traditionally "poor" cuisine, of peasant origin, with many vegetables, cereals and legumes, also goat and sheep meat, many sheep and goat cheeses, Mediterranean fish and sweets that smell of North Africa.

Today's recipe is a very tasty and spicy "crostone prepared" with 'Nduja: the soft sausage made up of pork, chilli and spices.


Crostone with 'Nduja and ricotta:

100 gr of 'nduja

200 gr of ricotta

4 slices of homemade bread

pepper and extra virgin olive oil

Toast the bread and spread the 'nduja when it is still hot. Add ricotta flakes and season with pepper and oil.

Excellent appetizer or aperitif accompanied by a pale ale beer!