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For the three of us, good food is not just about taste, but something more passion for life.

Every day we try to make the best food choices and through our work our desire is to communicate our beliefs, the benefits of our experience and our hope. We are passionate about what we do and we have found that this is the most real way to inspire and inform other people to love good food.

For us good food means:

Healthy food: we do not use frozen food or junk food.
Seasonal food: Why eat bland, greenhouse tomatoes in December when you can eat succulent tomatoes, ripened by the sun, in summertime?
Local food: From the local farm straight to your plate – when you buy locally you know where your food came from and you also support small farmers.
Organic food: It is good for us, for the earth, for our future.
Cooking: The satisfaction and joy of preparing, cooking, waiting and finally …eating!

Cooking and eating together is one of the great joys of life. So, it should be fun too. We are fortunate to have grown up in a typical Italian family where we eat together and during one meal are already planning what we will eat for the next one. We love to share this passion with you. Whatever you choose – a catered meal or a cooking lesson – prepare to slow down, relax and savour the aromas and the taste. If you are curious about Tuscany’s food culture and if you like to learn in a creative and friendly environment then choosing to have a catered meal or to take a lesson with us could be just right for you. We can introduce you into the heart of that culture in a warm family atmosphere.

Fresh ingredients

Wonderful Tuscan cooking is dependent on the use of fresh, unprocessed ingredients, mainly cereals, vegetables and legumes.  We love and respect our traditions and our culinary roots, but we also put some personal touches into our cooking. This means sometimes making the recipes lighter or sometimes using a novel combination of herbs or spices. 

Italy and especially Tuscany are also famous for the great tradition of shopping for raw materials at the local outdoor produce markets. And we do this as well, making good use of our local suppliers, most of whom are known to us personally. Fruit and vegetables are bought from local farmers once our small garden production is exhausted. Most are good friends whom we got to know when we were running our goat’s cheese farm – we used to sell our cheese at the same market.

Cereals, flours and pasta come from the Tuscan region and we buy them in large quantities before the summer so that we are sure to have enough. Meat, eggs and dairy are locally produced, with a few exceptions such as for cow milk cheeses and some cold cuts. If we cannot source all  the ingredients that we need from small producers, we choose to buy organic products in the local supermarket.

"Cooking is a love story. We need to fall in love with the ingredients and with the people who are cooking." Alain Ducasse