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Chianti Cooking Experience is a family catering company that has been working for 12 years in the Chianti area and through cooking classes, dinners and lunches promotes the culture of quality food, with people who stay or choose to live in one of the most loved areas in the world .


Over the years we have visited more than 750 villas and farmhouses scattered in the Chianti area and throughout Tuscany, and cooked for more than 2,000 families. Every once in a while we still receive Christmas greetings, a few cards, a greeting from our guests who still remember the experience together. Sometimes they ask us for advice on traditional recipes or send us photos of Italian dinners that they cook once they return home.

After years in which we often lost ourselves in the Chianti, we rejoiced in finding beautiful houses in the woods, we got excited in front of the most beautiful sunset ever, we were stuck in some narrow street that came out in a vineyard; we finally landed in Florence at Cucina Privata, where two creative partners created an exclusive place, with a minimalist, elegant and tasteful style.

Cucina Privata is located in my favorite area of Florence, in San Frediano, is the ideal place for those who want to organize a dinner or a private cooking course in a unique environment booked only for him, where you can choose your chef and the menu which you prefer.

Thanks to Laura, a chef who works both with us and with Cucina Privata, we finally decided to organize cooking classes with a tour of the Santo Spirito market for customers who have been asking us for a Chianti Cooking Experience in the city for years.

In a few days we will have the first cooking course in Florence, but in the meantime we want to reveal this hidden place, our culinary vision and the original idea of Waxmore. through the beautiful photos of Recordables.

Waxmore produces high quality clothing for catering; was created and is nurtured by Maria Cristina and Elena, mother and daughter, united by a passion for cooking and travel but with different but complementary skills: fashion and styling the mother, marketing and communication the daughter.

The photographers are two guys, Isac and Jonathan of Recordables, young professionals who have managed to seize our "best side" and put us at ease.

At one time we brought together two artists of beauty who gave life to a special location called Private Kitchen, two creative women who believed and looked after their dream Waxmore, two boys who show the world they see Recordables with sweetness and harmony, and three women chefs and colleagues Laura, Elisa and Jessica from Chianti Cooking Experience who certainly enjoyed themselves, played models, created a six-handed dish for the occasion ... of which we'll give you the recipe in the next bet.

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