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Chianti Express - pasta&pizza truck

Chianti Express - pasta&pizza truck

Chianti Express - pasta&pizza truck

Great ideas need time: they must be accepted within us, made to "roll" in every part of our body to feel if they bring us joy and warmth; they must then be sown in our hearts and nourished with patience without getting caught by fear.

Start designing, make our idea real and then finally share it with friends and speak it out loud and here it is! 

This has just happened to us in the Chianti Cooking Experience family:

Gabriele had a dream: to bring his pizza to the squares of the Chianti villages among the hills that he loves most. "A van to prepare pizza in the squares and at the festivals, where people can meet and be together"



Gabriele knew that l he could not do it alone but, talking with his friend and partner Joshua he found no onlyt an open door but a wide open door: at this point Joshua was also  bringing with him an interesting proposal: why not add fresh express pasta and pinsa or "Roman focaccia" to the pizza?

I, Elisa, who deeply love these two men in my life, one companion and the other son; said "yes, I am with you" not only out of this love but because I feel and I know that this bold, courageous and a little crazy business idea will bring us well-being and growth in all senses.

Our collaborators in turn welcomed the new project with joy and euphoria: everyone wants to be on the truck!!


In the last year, in addition to working with passion, we have:

  • imagined and written our story with Elena Cupisti our communication consultant,

  • designed and planned with our visionary friend and accountant Enzo la Rosa;

  • designed and built our truck with Romeo Masiero of Treviso, a Venetian man who assisted and guided us with his passion and competence;

  • created and designed the new logo with the graphic designer Carlo Tizzi;

  • studied new doughs and new menus for the food truck;

  • dreamed, spoken, discussed, but above all laughed among ourselves and with our collaborators.


From 26 January 2020 you will find us at  lunch and dinner time in various Chianti squares and scenic spots.

We will be there with the pizzas, fresh pasta and pinsa.



Weekly menu of pizza, focaccia and fresh pasta; fresh and quality ingredients, only recyclable material because we believe in using them not because it is mandatory.


If you want to organize a party or an event contact us: we will be happy to arrive with Chianti Express and its specialties.


Follow us also on the FB Chiantiexpress page.

A short weekly calendar on where to find us and details on the inauguration which will be held soon in San Casciano.