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Walking around Chianti

Walking around Chianti

Walking around Chianti


 I inaugurate this column, which I wanted so much, writing about a place of my heart that I visited with @unospicchiodimelone, also a slice of my heart.

Il Palagio di Panzano, second generation winery and agritourism; an organic company that has focused on San Giovese in purity for its wines.
A place of charm and peace, where hospitality and tranquility are the setting for a typical Tuscan Villa, preserved and made unique by an ad hoc decor, in fact each piece is unique and handcrafted: made by Franco craftsman of excellence and husband by Monia.

Monia owner of the Palagio di Panzano was the first person I collaborated with when I started my job as a personal chef.
Monia and I have created quality food and wine events in Panzano, we have brought our passion and professionalism to Boston to promote a quality Chianti, a Chianti made of traditions, slowness and stories to tell.

When Irene asked me to visit special places in my land, I had no doubts:
The Palagio di Panzano is one of these.
At the beginning of September we visited the company that was preparing for the harvest: the green and purple clayey vineyards, the clear sky above Panzano and three women talking about wine, food, vegetable garden, and their roots.

From this visit the Panna Cotta with reduction to the Chianti Riserva del Palagio was born.
The warmth of vanilla and cream, the coolness of basil and cardamom meet the aromas of red fruits and wood of this Chianti Classico.








Panna Cotta with Chianti reduction and balsamic vinegar
Serves 4 People:
250 grams of milk
250 grams cream
100 grams demerara sugar
3,5-4 grams of agar agar
2-3 cardamom fruits
1 tsp dried basil
a pinch of vanilla bean
Chianti Reduction:
375 ml of Chianti Red Wine
75 grams of demerara sugar
Aceto Balsamico di Modena
Mix milk, cream, sugar, cardamom and basil in a pot and heat it slowly without bringing it to the
boil. In the meantime dissolve the agar agar in 50 ml of cold milk and cook it for few mins until it
thickens. At this point add it to the milk-cream-sugar mixture and blend well with a whisk. Pour
into individual moulds and cool in a refrigerator.

Put Chianti wine and sugar in a pot and cook on a low flame until it obtains a
syrup-like consistency (but not too thick)…
Empty the Panna Cotta onto individual plates and dress with the Chianti reduction and a few drops
of Aceto Balsamico di Modena.