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Easter cake - Pastiera Napoletana

Easter cake - Pastiera Napoletana

Easter cake - Pastiera Napoletana

For the shortcrust pastry:

2 eggs, 500gr flour, 150 gr light brown cane sugar, 200 gr butter, pinch of salt, lemon zest.

For the filling:

500 gr sheep ricotta cheese, 200gr light brown cane sugar, 250 gr cooked grain ( I buy it already boiled in jar ), 50 gr candy cider, 50 gr candy orange, pinch of cinnamom, 100 gr milk, 50 gr butter , 4 eggs, 1 pinch of vanilla bean, 1 tsp of orange blossom water 1 orange zest.

We knead the shortcrust dough mixing all the ingredients, we make a ball and we let raise for 30 mins. In a bowl we put cooked grain, milk, butter, grated lemon zest and we cook for 10 mins keep stirring till it thickens.In the meantime we mix ricotta cheese, sugar, eggs, vanilla, orange blossom water, and a pinch of cinnamom. We mix them all till having a smoothy cream. We add grated lemon zest and diced candies. At the end we add the cooked grain and keep folding.
We flat the dough, ½ cm high and we cover a round baking pan (30 cm. Diameter) greased before, and we cut in strips the remaining dough to cover the cake.
We poor the filling into the baking pan and e decorate with strips. We bake the cake at 180 celsius for one hour till the pastiera will be amber gold.

We love to it with a glass of semidry sweetwine