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The launch of Chianti Express

The launch of Chianti Express

The launch of Chianti Express

"It will rain, it will be cold, what shall we do .... Launch or not ?!"

"Meanwhile, I will prepare the dough because it takes 24 hours of leavening, so I need to do it."

"Come on guys let's get a move on here, its getting too dark to chat and there's still a lot to do."


These were just some of the speeches that were made in the Chianti Cooking Experience family in the last days before the launch.

It rained until Saturday evening, but we trusted the weather forecast and fate and in fact on Sunday afternoon after a morning of intense haze, the clouds parted and the sun finally came out, giving us a beautiful sunset.

You know, with any launch there is always are a bit of a race against time, there is always something unexpected, some "oversight", some details to fix. And so it was also for the launch of the Chianti Express truck; at the last minute  the classic words "you thought about it, did you do it ?!" and on the other side: the absolute void.

When we arrived at the "piazzone" in San Casciano, that is, in the public gardens of the town, it seemed surreal: parking the truck in the market place, the curiosity of passers-by, the comments, the joy and the growing emotion.


At exactly five o'clock, we launched the truck, with the music of Quarto Podere, and the support of friends who cheered and applauded. Daniel had proposed baptizing the truck with his specialty-

"Saber the champagne" but for security reasons he was prevented; in addition to juggling red wine and prosecco, Jlenia also danced with lightness and cheerfulness.

On the truck Joshua, Jessica and Cosimo served pinse, and pasta for two hours non-stop, while Gabriele and I welcomed friends, and chatted with the curious and passers-by.

We laughed, toasted, sang and cheered until dark; when slowly the friends and visitors said goodbye with hugs and pats on the back saying, 


"See you around in the next few days, we will come to eat at the truck".


Many thanks to all the people who supported, encouraged and advised us, to those who attended the launch and to those

who had only one thought for us on Sunday - to wish us well.