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Oats - 100% vegetable strength and nourishment

Oats - 100% vegetable strength and nourishment

Oats - 100% vegetable strength and nourishment

Avena – forza e nutrimento 100% vegetale
Altro che badia per Cavalli!


After giving birth to Priscilla, my doctor, in response to my need for energy and breastfeeding support, advised me to take oats, oats, and more oats .... although hesitant, I followed her advice and my puerperium improved considerably.


From there I discovered the many properties of this cereal which I prefer in the form of flakes and flour. I use it as a bean in autumn and winter soups. 




The “Avena sativa” species is the most common, but there is also “Avena byzantina” (red oats). In cultivation it has a significant need for water, almost as much as rice, and is susceptible to heat and cold, for this reason it is suitable for fresh and humid climates.

Hulled oats are obtained by separating the last fibrous coating, the bran, tomake the seeds white.

Hulled oats are cooked with a soak of not less than 3 hours and cook in about 45 minutes in a pot. Cooking is done  with 3 parts of water and 1 of oats.

To make flakes, the beans are crushed and rolled and finally they are lightly toasted. Oats are the only cereal that can be flaked even at home without being cooked, because they contain many fats and thetefore does not crumble in the mill.

Unlike other cereals such as wheat, barley and spelt, even when processed, oats retain the bran and the germ, which are the parts of the grain in which most of the nutrients are found.

Oats are very easy to digest, they are recommended for convalescents, for those who need concentration and energy (students, sportsmen, new mothers) for those suffering from digestive disorders and are  also suitable for those suffering from diabetes.

Oats contain:


- silicon, zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus in good quantity;


- vitamins: rich in vitamin A and group B (B1 B2 B6);


- proteins: it is rather protein, ideal for feeding children, those who are underweight and people with a poor appetite.


- fibers: contains many of them including pectin;
- alkaloids: thanks to the presence of some alkaloids it is good for your mood, as it calms and relieves nervousness in a natural way.
Oats are just good and above all this staple is versatile both in sweet and savory versions. It is quick to cook and transform:


- we can obtain an excellent alternative drink for those who do not want to or cannot drink cow's milk;


- added to vegetable croquettes based on legumes or compact soya,  it makes the mixture soft;


- we can make an excellent granola: if you add malt or maple syrup, coconut oil or peanut butter, dried fruit and oil to the oat flakes, then you can cook it in the oven until a crunchy consistency is obtained.On Sunday, I will show you in the weekly video how to prepare the oat drink, it is excellent served cold in summer as a quick, light and nutritious snack.