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Stop "chit chat" in italian chit chat is "chiaccchiere": sweet and salt let's do it


Stop "chit chat" in italian chit chat is "chiaccchiere": sweet and salt let's do it

I do not know about you, but I had a rather selective palate as a child. I was, as we say in Italy, the classic child that is "good with the fork," everything was fine, good enough to eat .... especially the desserts. Luckily I was a great at sports and so converted all those calories into good energy for my body! Growing up, my sense of taste has changed; now I prefer food that is savoury, especially in the morning and on vacation. I'm also the typical customer who likes to suggest a little "break", the one that often wants to change some ingredient in the dish that has just been presented to me. The only person to whom I never suggest an idea for lunch or a change to the recipe because its always perfect is grandma Maria. Actually Maria is my partner's grandmother. With 86 years of love, three children, seven grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, and Gina her trusted four-legged companion she still has a great desire to live. Virtually blind, it is a mystery to everyone to know how she fills tables full of food.

This is grandma's recipe for the "cenci", the best I have ever eaten, and not just because they are hers. The crispy and crunchy dough does not absorb oil during frying, Maria still stretches it with a rolling pin, I do mine with the pasta machine .... This week, Irene, an old friend and legendary foodblogger of uno.spicchio.di.melone ( trad=a little slice of water melon) and I have ventured into the workd of cenci!
<"Bugie, cenci, frappe, chiacchere, galani or cròstoli" - there are many names for the same typical dessert of Carnival. It seems that the origin of the "cenci" dates back to
Roman times when in place of the Carnival the Saturnali were celebrated, a feast where they were partying and banqueting without ceasing and where the social canons were overturned;
at Saturnali it was the "frictalia", a sweet fried in pork lard, that was served on the streets of the city.


saturnalia is a ancient holisay in ancien rome



300 gr spelt flour
2 eggs

2 half a shell and ½ of "vinsanto" sweetwine, after you have cracked the egg
2 shells and 1/2 of extra virgin olive oil, after you have cracked it the egg
2 tablespoons light brown sugar
1 lt sunflower oil for frying powdered sugar

In a bowl, knead the flour with two tablespoons of sugar, eggs, oil and vinsanto. We must obtain a non-sticky dough that we will stretch by hand with a rolling pin or in a pasta machine. We cut our pasta sheets into small strips that we will fry in hot oil. Once well browned, remove the "cenci" from the oil with a tongs and let them dry on paper towels. Once cooled, sprinkle with powdered sugar. Attention please!!! Once tasted them you won't be able to stop eating

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