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Take good care of your body

Take good care of your body

Take good care of your body

In the last week I can feel that change is in the air : at last, the morning time we can get the scent of Spring and the light accompanies us until after tea time. It is in the changes of the season that I rediscover my passion for Ayurveda, and I prepare herbal teas that help to lighten the body after the richer and substantial foods that our bodies needed to keep warm during the winter, because now we need to be ready and full of energy for the arrival of Spring.

Every morning at 7.30 am my partner and I leave the house with Priscilla and our dogs and walk to school. No matter what the weather is, we adapt to its variations -

windbreakers, hats, gloves, sometimes even an umbrella. It has become a family ritual, before starting school and work we enjoy taking a few steps together, chatting as we go.


Ayurveda is a very ancient and complete science that uses food and spices as a cure; I was able to deepen my understanding of it thanks to the two-year course I attended as a Holistic Operator at the Ayurveda International Academy school Over time I will share with you also what Ayurveda offers to me. My favorite herbal tea, both in Winter and in the Spring season change is ginger, lemon and honey.

Its delicious, good for you, easy to make and very versatile.


Let's start with fresh ginger, a plant that I am never without in my pantry - I use it both for cooking and as an herbal remedy.



- Stimulates all metabolic and digestive activities, is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, -Helps in respiratory dysfunction and in the case of flu,

- calms nausea and vomiting,

-eases diarrhea,

- relieves muscle pain and cramps.


But let's come to the king of citrus fruits: the lemon. Its color is reminiscent of the sun and the aroma of its rind is like a scented wave of pure energy. Its beneficial effects are due to the presence of: -citric acid, - calcium nitrates -potassium, -mineral minerals and trace elements (iron, phosphorus, manganese, copper, large quantities of vitB1, B2 and B3, carotene, vitA, vitC, vitP.)

 The lemon balances our Ph as it is an alkaline food

- helps digestion

- Stimulates intestinal peristalsis

Thanks to these actions, our body detoxifies: the blood is purified from toxins and our skin will be brighter and healthier.


And finally - honey, the real one that preserves all its properties that can honestly boast to be:




 Honey is

  • emollient,

  • expectorant, Nutritious

  • And acts as a laxative

  • and a tonic (in fact it stimulates the immune system); It is also been shown to relieve coughs and asthma.

Lemons are a source of high energy : they contain different types of sugar molecules, especially glucose and fructose, easy to digest and therefore an immediate source of energy.

It is advised not to melt the honey in hot drinks and not to cook it so as not to lose its properties. It is also advised not to give it to children under 18 months.

 We are fortunate to always have a supply of excellent honey, different in every season thanks to the bees of our friends Gherardo and Ocram: light, floral and liquid in Spring; darker, dense and woody in the autumn.


Now at last we come to our recipe :GINGER LEMON AND HONEY HERBAL TEA

1 lt of water

1 lemon

1-2 cm of fresh ginger

1-2 tablespoons of honey

In a pot put the water and the slices of ginger to boil for 5 minutes. Allow to cool and add the juice of one lemon and the honey.

We can put the herbal tea in a thermos and enjoy sipping it warm throughout the day or let it cool.