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Two friends: a food blogger unospicchiodimelone, and a personal chef chianticookingexperience, the first one from Modena and the other one from Florence, 20 years of near and far adventures, find themselves in Chianti visiting their favorite realities.


Elisa: When I started doing the job of personal chef 15 years ago, there was barely any internet world with websites, emails, ... can you imagine blogs and social media? Customers found myself when they arrived in Chianti. With the directions written on a piece of paper, without gps and with mobile phones that today seem prehistoric, I started looking for the house in the hope of always finding it.

The time changes and I with him .... but at the beginning of the digital age it was quite difficult for me to adapt to the tendency to talk about me, to show a part of my work and myself.


Irene: at the age of 20 I arrived in Florence and here we met with Elisa and from there began our friendship: among vegetable gardens and vineyards, dinners with friends where we cooked eggplant parmigiana for everyone, nights sleeping in tents and unlikely trips. After a few years I returned to Modena and went back to studying and became an agronomist.

Over the years I have combined my passion for agriculture with the passion of cooking and photography and besides being a certifier for the IGP and DOP brands I write about food, I taste it, I photograph it.


Elisa: the turning point in my relationship with socials was lightness; in fact, I decided to have fun in my virtual life, to find the pleasure of story-telling and talking about me. So what's better than combining friendship and passion for my work and finding myself in dreamlike places?

Elisa: See you around the Chianti on June 28th, 29th and 30th:

We will start the weekend with an aperitif and pizza at circolo Arci della Romola in front of one of the best sunsets in Chianti;

We continue on Saturday visiting the goats and organic cheese farm  Le Fornaci in Greve in Chianti, an ideal place for a family walk;

we will taste the wines of Santo Stefano farm in Greve in Chianti, where Elena will welcome us with her sweetness and professionalism;

we will try one of the holistic treatments proposed by Villa di Lilliano in Grassina in collaboration with Massage in Chianti;

we will wandering in Florence and then we will eat at Trattoria San Michele all'Arco where the farmtotable philosophy and organic products feels at home.

On Sunday we conclude with a pizza lesson and wine tasting at Terre di Persetoestate in San Casciano v.p., we visit San Michele a Torri farm where, in addition to a great wine and oil, cereals, legumes are produced and the Cinta Senese is bred.

To top it off we will enjoy ice cream and more.... at  Gelateria I Pini in San Casciano v.p..

Irene: Follow us in our adventures