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Cooking Course

We can come to your villa, house, apartment – wherever you are - and cook together with you.

Participating in a cooking class is the best way to fully embrace our culture and our way of living. Sharing the experience with the people you love creates memories to take back home with you. Since we are in the Chianti region, wine will indeed have a prominent /prime role in our cooking classes. Pairing the right wine with the right food is essential if you want to taste the real Tuscany.

How does it work?

Cooking classes are hands-on, last 2-3 hours, and are followed by lunch or dinner to enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Private cooking classes are available either at your location, or on a traditional Tuscan farm in Chianti where we combine it with a wine tasting and tour.

Children are very welcome to participate in our cooking classes. 

Private cooking class at your location, or at our farm in Chianti.

"Learn to cook, try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, don't be afraid, but overall enjoy it." Julia Child

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