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Pizza & Barbecue

Two old-time classics… with our special twist!


Pizza is probably the most famous food in the entire world. It is so popular and comes from a great country, and, well, of course that great place is Italy! We take care of every detail: from the flours (we use a specially designed blend of organic flours), to the sourdough starter, to the long resting time to rise the dough. Our ovens, whether the classic wood-fired ones, or the gas or electric ones (with firebrick top), are all professional, guaranteeing optimal cooking. The ingredients are always of high quality and we choose the combinations carefully. This is why our pizza is so tasty and easy to digest that you can eat as much as you want.

Pizza dinner

We set up a pizzeria directly at your home with our transportable ovens. We bring all the necessary ingredients and, two hours after our arrival, the aroma of hot pizza will inebriate you. We offer a tasting of various pizzas, from the classic ones to the most original. You can choose from our menu or rely on the imagination of our pizza chefs. You can really eat as many as you want, the price is always the same! We start with an aperitif and Tuscan focaccia with aromatic herbs, accompanied by a glass of Spritz. We will then continue with the pizzas (up to 2 hours of service). At the end, we will offer you a freshly prepared dessert based on mascarpone and Nutella.

Starting this year, pizza can be combined with the following experiences:
Tasting of local organic wines – accompanied by Parmigiano Reggiano
Craft /home-made Ice Creams, of the highest quality (wide choice of flavours), with our special Carretto or Carapina.

Tuscan Grigliata (barbecue): Meat, fish or vegetarian

Tuscans are very proud and renowned for the art of grilling meat. Many Tuscan recipes consist of simply roasting or grilling meat or fish, poultry, game and a large assortment of vegetables The reason why barbecued food tastes so good is because fat drips down onto the hot coals, and returns in the form of smoke to flavor the food.
For a perfect Tuscan grigliata, we just season with salt and pepper, Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and sometimes a drizzle of lemon juice.
Lorenzo and Gianni, as with any authentic Tuscan men, are excellent BBQ men, and will offer you a broad selection of chicken, pork and beef cuts. We also offer fresh mediterranean Fish BBQ and Vegetarian or Vegan BBQ.

All our BBQ proposals include an appetizer, a side dish and a dessert.

Our Pizza & Barbecue