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Pizza & Barbecue

In 2017 we were very proud to introduce new ideas and services: pizza dinner, pizza lab and grigliata (barbecue).

Pizza dinner

Pizza is probably the most famous food in the entire world. It is so popular and comes from a great country, and well of course that great place is Italy!
We will arrive with our oven, park it in the garden and set up our pizzeria. Using organic ingredients, we will prepare pizza for you! We create different types of pizza - its a pizza extravaganza you might say, and you get to taste and eat as much as you like!!
We start with schiacciata, then the typical and much loved  Pizza Marinara and Pizza Margherita, building up to richer and fancier pizzas (including sweet ones). In the meantime, you can chat,enjoy, relax, eat and drink beer (of course). 

Tuscan barbecue (grigliata)

Tuscans are very proud and renowned for the art of grilling meat. 
Gabriele, as with any authentic Tuscan man, is an excellent “grigliata” maker.
Many Tuscan recipes consist of simply roasting or grilling meat or fish, poultry, game and a large assortment of vegetables.
The reason why barbecued food tastes so good is because fat drips down onto the hot coals, and returns in the form of smoke to flavor the food.
For a perfect Tuscan grigliata, we just season with salt and pepper, Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and sometimes a drizzle of lemon juice.

Our Pizza & Barbecue