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Pizza & Barbecue

In 2017 we were very proud to introduce new ideas and services: pizza dinner, pizza lab and grigliata (barbecue).

Pizza dinner

We will arrive with our oven, park it in the garden and set it up. With our organic ingredients, we will prepare pizza for you! We create a pizza extravaganza and you get to taste and eat as much as you like. We start with schiacciate, then the typical pizza marinara and pizza margherita, and ending with richer and fancier pizzas (including sweet ones). In the meantime, you can chat, enjoy, relax, eat and drink beer (of course).

Included in the dinner, we offer you an aperitivo of prosecco wine, some fresh salad as side dish and our delicious frozen digestive made with lemon sorbet.

Pizza lab - learn how to make pizza!

You will not only enjoy the pizza but also learn how to make it! We will kneed the dough, prepare all the right ingredients, and then, after baking, you can enjoy and eat the fruits of your labour. The buffet dinner will be like a party around the pizza oven where slowly you will become the pizzaiolo of the dinner.

This is the perfect option for families with children as they don’t have to sit around a table. Instead everyone can sit or stand as they wish, and kids may join in the process! To accompany the pizza we offer an aperitivo of prosecco wine, some fresh salad as a side dish and our delicious frozen digestive made with lemon sorbet.

"If it cuts in four to make you happy, it's a pizza" (Anonimo)

Tuscan barbecue (grigliata)

Tuscans are very proud and famous for the art of grilling meat. Gabriele, as with any authentic Tuscan man, is an excellent barbecue maker.

We offer you two barbecue menus:

“contadino” barbecue with chicken, pork and beef, salad, roasted potatoes, red wine and dessert.
“gusto del mare” barbecue with the best selection of fish from the Mediterranean sea, grilled vegetables, salad, white wine and dessert.

Our Pizza & Barbecue